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Your New Favorite Recipes

Drum roll, please! Here are ten new recipes we know you’re going to love. They're packed with your favorite ingredients, favorite gadgets, favorite fast cooking hacks, and more. Your current top ten recipes just got some new competition!  


How to Prep (and Cook with) Jicama(with video)

Crunchy, juicy, nutrient-packed jicama (pronounced hi·kuh·muh) is an unsung hero of the produce aisle. Technically a cousin to green beans, jicama is a root vegetable from Mexico available year-round that’s delicious cooked or raw. With a mild, earthy, slightly sweet flavor (think: water chestnuts) and apple-like consistency, it’s a great addition to salads, salsas, slaws, and grazing boards. Jicama also works as lighter swap for potatoes in baked and air fried recipes, and it’s delicious sautéed or boiled, too.


Can I Still Eat This? | How to save money and waste less

Keep, use, or toss? This guide will help you make sense of use-by dates, store for maximum freshness, and use less-than-fresh foods in new and delicious ways. Besides reducing your food waste, you’ll get the most for what you buy and make your grocery budget go further. 


How To Up Your Freezer Game(with video)

Looking to save money, time, and effort in the kitchen? Look no further than the freezer. Properly stocked, your freezer is a go-to source for affordable, nutritious, ready-to-use ingredients, anytime. It can also help save money on groceries by extending the life of your cooking, preserving leftovers and eliminating waste.


3 Ways to Use Tater Bites(with video)

When stocking up on family-friendly foods in the frozen aisle, golden-crispy tater bites (also known as tater tots) are a no-brainer. Easy to make in minutes, served solo as a side dish or dressed up for snacking, no one can resist fried, fluffy pillows of potato.  


How to Save Money with Frozen Foods

Need to stock your kitchen with convenience and value? Head to the frozen aisle. A wide array of good-for-you veggies and fruit, along with shortcut, pre-prepped ingredients and side dishes, are often on sale, so check your store's circular for weekly specials and coupons (download your store's app for easy access). These recipes and tips incorporate frozen foods into everyday meals so you can make the most of your time and your grocery budget. 


Fresh vs. Frozen: When to Choose One or the Other

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, the produce aisle might seem like the obvious place to start, but there's another route to plant-powered eating: the freezer aisle.


How to Pack a Picnic Like a Pro

Mild temperatures and longer days make the perfect time of year for picnicking.  Whether it’s casual fun with the whole family or showing a special someone how much you care, picnics are an easy, affordable way to make any meal a celebration. 


Cook once, Eat twice: Spicy Pulled Pork Tostadas(with video)

Cook a whole pork shoulder in the slow cooker until fall-apart tender. Pile the meat onto crispy tortillas for tostadas tonight, then fold into a cheesy casserole later in the week.


Cook once, Eat twice: Chicken Cacciatore

Use a value pack of chicken leg quarters (a great buy for your budget) to make this Italian classic. Reserve some of the chicken and the flavorful tomato sauce for a quick pasta dish later in the week.


$10 Meals for Summer

Celebrate the arrival of warmer weather with light and tasty recipes that are good for the family—and your wallet. Whether it’s a busy work night or a weekend grill-out, we’ve got you covered with seven satisfying meals that won’t break the bank. Hop aboard, we’ve got your $10 ticket to big summer flavors.


Mother's Day Backyard Picnic

It’s the one special day that’s all about Mom. This year, show the love with a Mother’s Day backyard picnic the whole family can help create. Affordable ingredients and a few thoughtful touches are all you need to create a homemade meal-and-party-in-one that she’ll never forget.


Your Guide to Hosting Outdoor Celebrations

A small outdoor get-together with family can be just as special as a huge bash—it’s all in the details. Check out our easy outdoor entertaining guide, with tips on what to serve and how to keep it seamless from setup to cleanup, to say “Congrats!” (or “Happy Birthday!” or “I love you!”) without missing a minute of the fun.


3 Cooking Gadgets to Save Your Sanity

When you feel like you need a break from constant cooking and cleanup but still need to get dinner on the table, let your trusty kitchen gadgets save the day! Savory makes it easy with next-to-no prep meals made in your slow cooker, Instant Pot, and microwave. It’s like having a kitchen helper do all the work for you.


5-Ingredient Meals to Save Your Sanity

The warmer days of spring have finally arrived, but one thing never changes: you've got to get dinner on the table. Savory is here to help with family-friendly meals that use just five ingredients, so you can spend less time in the grocery store and the kitchen. Whether it’s a pizza party, taco Tuesday, pasta night, or any night, these quick and easy recipes have got you covered. 


Take the Savory Road Trip

Road trips are a great way to make memories, especially when they include a delicious destination or two. No travel plans this summer? No problem! The team at Savory has got you covered with homemade versions of their favorite regional finds from up and down the Eastern US. From coastal Maine to the heart of Georgia, these twelve distinctive recipes are a taste of America.


Road Trip Snacks for Kids

Summer road trips are the perfect family-friendly vacation, until you hit the inevitable speed bump: “Mom and dad, we’re hungry!” Keep things rolling with a stash of delicious homemade snacks that are easy to pack and enjoy anywhere. These tips and nutritious recipes are road-tested and kid-approved to keep the smiles going for miles.


Cook once, eat twice: Grilled skirt steak with peppers

Grill steak and sauté sweet peppers for a simple, colorful main tonight, then turn into cheesy quesadillas for another meal later.

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