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How to Prep (and Cook with) Jicama(with video)

Crunchy, juicy, nutrient-packed jicama (pronounced hi·kuh·muh) is an unsung hero of the produce aisle. Technically a cousin to green beans, jicama is a root vegetable from Mexico available year-round that’s delicious cooked or raw. With a mild, earthy, slightly sweet flavor (think: water chestnuts) and apple-like consistency, it’s a great addition to salads, salsas, slaws, and grazing boards. Jicama also works as lighter swap for potatoes in baked and air fried recipes, and it’s delicious sautéed or boiled, too.


Your New Favorite Recipes

Drum roll, please! Here are ten new recipes we know you’re going to love. They're packed with your favorite ingredients, favorite gadgets, favorite fast cooking hacks, and more. Your current top ten recipes just got some new competition!  


How to Naturally Dye Eggs(with video)

For vibrant, eye-catching eggs this Easter, look no further than the kitchen. Water, vinegar, and a little patience are all you need to turn colorful fridge and pantry staples into dazzling egg dyes.  


Can I Still Eat This? | How to save money and waste less

Keep, use, or toss? This guide will help you make sense of use-by dates, store for maximum freshness, and use less-than-fresh foods in new and delicious ways. Besides reducing your food waste, you’ll get the most for what you buy and make your grocery budget go further. 


6 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Use Matzo(with video)

It’s just not Passover without thin, crispy matzo—and the inevitable question: what to do with the leftovers? While matzo ball soup is always a comforting option (like our classic Manhattan deli-style recipe below), airy squares of matzo are great in all kinds of sweet and savory dishes. From appetizers to desserts, breakfast to dinner, versatile matzo can do it all.


15-Minute Meals to Save Your Sanity

With work, school, and everything else happening at home  these days, it might start to feel like you’re running a 24-hour restaurant. Even for the most enthusiastic home cooks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or maybe even slightly burnt out. Savory is here to help you take a break, with simple, lightning-fast meals that don’t sacrifice flavor or nutrition. 


How to Make Agua Frescas

When hours of fun in the sun leave you feeling parched, it's time for a serious summer refreshment. Enter agua frescas. Cool, fruity, and just a touch sweet, agua frescas—aka "fresh water"— is the ultimate thirst quencher.


Campfire Cooking Hacks

When it comes to cooking a meal over an open fire, the less you have to do, the better. And that doesn't mean your only option for a camping dinner is hot dogs on a stick. 


Cook Once, Eat Twice: Pork Tenderloin

Grill a second pork tenderloin with one meal, then use it for sandwiches on another night.


Effortless Summer Breakfasts

When you need a big breakfast for family but don't want to spend all morning cooking, these hacks will save the day.  


Ice Pop Hacks

Cool, refreshing homemade ice pops are a delicious way to hold summer in your hand. Made with naturally sweet peak season fruit, they’re a nutritious dessert or snack you can feel good about giving the entire family. Check out these tantalizing recipes or get inspired to mix and match your favorite ingredients for individualized icy treats. 


How to Cut an Onion(with video)

Onions are a flavor foundation in countless recipes, from sauces and soups to stir fries, skillets, and beyond. 


3 Ways to Make Zucchini Noodles(with video)

Want oodles of noodles with fewer carbs and calories? Consider fresh zucchini.


How to Choose the Right Pasta Shape(with video)

Nothing beats budget-friendly, pantry-ready, crowd-pleasing pasta in terms of versatility. With so many options for shape, size, taste, and texture, pasta is a reliable dinner option that never gets old.   


How to Build a Balanced Lunch Box(with video)

A lunchbox loaded with all the colors of the rainbow is more than just an eye-catching way to entice young eaters. Including a vibrant variety of veggies and fruit helps to ensure a wide range of nutrients for a well-balanced meal. It’s also a great way to make lunchtime more fun!


Cook Once, Eat Twice: Slow Cooker “Mississippi Roast”(with video)

Let the slow cooker do double duty with enough pot roast for two different meals.


Cook once, Eat Twice: Instant Pot Black Bean Chili(with video)

Tonight's smoky black bean chili becomes Mexican-style tostadas later in the week.


Cook Once, Eat Twice: Ground Turkey Fried Rice(with video)

Enjoy turkey fried rice tonight, then transform the leftovers into a hearty soup for another meal later.

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